June 19, 2012

Easy Breezy

Outfit Details:
Shorts- Target
Shoes- Target
Necklace- Jewelmint
Bracelet and ring- Abilu Creations
Leather Cuff- Attachments LLC
Watch- gifted
Hat- NY Street Vendor

While I'm styling this blouse from The Phrenzy I figured I'd take this opportunity to remind you of some coupon codes that I've got for you guys!
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Both places offer good quality stuff for under 20 dollars! At my hot shoes, you can get the white wedges I've been wearing for 19.99!! They even have shoes for under ten dollars!!!

I'm also playing in a summer soccer league with my school team, which started up yesterday. It felt so good to get back out on the field after a few month hiatus from playing in games (I've still been training). It's weird--I was thinking about it, and I don't know that much about the bloggers behind the blogs I read (other than where they shop :P ). To me, and to readers in general, all they are is someone who posts an outfit every so often. You don't always realize that they are actually doing stuff, too. I mean, I obviously didn't go and play soccer in this outfit...but when I think about it, I haven't really talked to you that much about soccer!

With the true soccer season fast approaching, I figure now's a good time as any.

I'm the starting varsity goalkeeper for my school's team which means I stand in the big rectangular box and prevent the ball from going in. Or try to, anyways. It's harder than it sounds! And when I play goalie, I'm very unstylish. I wear men's pants with big padding on the sides that makes my hips look huge. I wear a long-sleeved, baggy shirt that is also meant for a man. Also, I wear a mouthguard and headgear (safety FIRST) as required of me by my dad ("just protecting your BRAIN, Rory") and smelly gloves to catch the ball with. It makes for a good look, right?

This picture is about a year old, before the addition of my beloved headgear to my game attire. But I assure you, it only adds to my already stylish look.

What do you do that most of your readers didn't know about/realize?

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  1. First, I love those shorts and your fedora. And I love Target. Target is literally behind my house and I go there way too much.
    Great job making Varsity!
    Love, Evan

  2. I love your outfit! I love how you described your look when you're on the field. Don't worry, you're not alone, I used to look like a mess in volleyball and basketball practice!

    There's a $50 Shabby Apple gift card giveaway on my blog if you're interested! :)

  3. Can't believe those shorts are from Target! They're a dead ringer for the Alice and Olivia pair I've been eyeing all season! Great find hun!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. This is such a cute outfit, I love the printed high waisted shorts with the bright colored flats! And the hat adds a nice summer time feel to this outfit :) That's so cool that you are a varsity goal keeper, soccer seems really fun. I was always really bad at soccer (and basketball...and football...and basically every sport except swimming)

    And, how is the lifeguarding going? I was going to be a swim instructor for little kids this summer(instead of lifeguarding) but I ended up not doing that...maybe next summer...
    I have been thinking the same thing, I was one of those bloggers who never posted anything about themselves on their blogs. But not anymore :P, the post I just posted like 20ish minutes ago actually has words in it! YAY.

  5. I love it when bloggers open up about stuff outside their fashion blogging! It's nice having a peek inside their real life moments. Way to go with soccer Rory! Have fun this summer and play hard. Being goalie is tough. I used to play soccer but it didn't click with me like volleyball and basketball did. I played for my school's team all three years I was there. Now I'm craving a sport but since none are going on right now, I've just been hitting the gym to try and stay active. I've worked up to running 3 miles every time I go now. Trying to reach 5!
    Haha, anywaaaay, about your outfit! :) Another cute one Rory, I love those shorts! They go perfectly with your new top from Phrenzy. Very perfectly color coordinated with the flats too.

    Enter to win a $40 gift voucher to Ministry of Retail!
    Trendy Teal

  6. I love the printed shorts with the black shirt :)

    Nice to hear about your soccer! I don't really share much on my blog but I guess the one thing readers don't know is just how full my wardrobes are. Yes plural! I have so much yet wear the same pieces over and over, I really need to clean out more often!


  7. You are beautiful darling! I love your taste in fashion and I love your blog! I am now following you! Follow me back please? ♥


  8. love your shorts! And wow soccer...I've never been that great at sports.

    xo erica

  9. Love the shirt and red shoe! They look amazing! Cute outfit!


  10. I love your skirt! And congrats on being varsity goalie! I know thats a HUGE deal! I made varsity lacrosse last year, and I know any sports triumph is a big step. Good luck in your league!

  11. love yout flower skirt sweetie u look so cool and love how you style it with the hat perfection and love your last picture u look so cool dear ;D

  12. Lovely outfit! I especially love your shorts!


  13. I love these shorts! The color and print is so summery, and your accessories are so cute!

  14. You look super adorable, I love this- AMAZING!
    Perhaps we could follow each other? If so follow me and tell me in comments

  15. Oooh! These shorts are super delightful. The tiny print on them is just too cute, and I love how well your gold bracelets and accessories stand out so well against the black. I especially love that bug ring of yours. I sort of have a thing for bug-inspired jewelry, soooo. :D

    Being a goalie actually sounds like a pretty stressful part of the team to me--so good job to you for playing that! I'm sure you'll do just wonderful. :)

  16. Gorgeous outfit! Good luck with the soccer season! I don't play it, but I do watch a lot! :)

  17. Those high waisted shorts are too cute! I love your jewelry too.

    Hudson East

  18. Pretty look!! I love!

  19. Such a cute look! Loving those shorts!! Congrats on being the Varsity Goal keeper girl! So exciting! I love soccer!!

    Treena Bean Giveaway!

  20. lovely outfit, you have great style

  21. Those shorts are darling!

    xo Jennifer


  22. that outfit is so cute! i love the shorts and the hat!

  23. I love your hat! it's stunning!

    I love keeper's work during football! how cool is that!

    P.S. in love with your blog and following you now

  24. Your blog is such a great inspiration! I absolutly love it! Thank ou so much! and keep up the good work

  25. Cute shorts, adore your outfit


  26. Lovely outfit! The shorts are especially wonderful :)


  27. I love your ring. It is so cool that you are a goalie..

  28. awesome hat, its very cute. and yesgood luck with soccer, sounds fun :)
    I try to tell my bloggers more and more about my life every day. one sneak peak at a time :)


  29. those shorts from target are amazing! love the print! <3

  30. Easy breezy beautiful!You're gorgeous,honey!;)

  31. Very cute look, dear!


  32. love this outfit, all of this look, specialy the shorts!:)

  33. Fantastic high-waisted, floral shorts!! Can't believe they're from Target!
    Thanks for the sweet comment :)




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