June 08, 2012


Outfit Details:
Montana Top- c/o Crash and Burn
Skirt- Urban Outfitters
Wedges- Marshall's
Necklace- c/o Marcella Leone
Bandeau- Aerie
Sunglasses- (giveaway) Romwe
Cuff- (giveaway) House of Kami
Belt- Forever 21

Let's talk obsessions. There are three of mine in this outfit--and two of them you can probably guess. Wedges and necklaces.

I like my wedges statement; not too high, but high enough; easy to walk in but not totally flatforms; and with some sort of extra touch that makes them different from everybody else's. With this pair, the extra touch comes in the form of polka dots. I love the retro vibe of these, plus they're easy to walk in! They're new: I picked them up off of the sale rack at Marshall's yesterday. For 16 bucks. I swear, that place has the BEST shoes for the BEST prices. Nearly all of my brand-name and stylish wedges/heels are from there!!

I like my necklaces statement, too; chunky chains, neon crystals, gold collars...you get the vibe. This in particular was one I've been searching for for a very long time. Did any of you see that green and clear H&M crystal collar necklace that hit stores back in April and May? I wanted that so so so so bad. But I never got my hands on it. So when Jessica of Marcella Leone showed me some of her unpainted necklaces, I knew that with this beauty I could get a necklace even BETTER than H&M's--handpainted, one of kind, and just mine. She custom painted this necklace just for me, with the color that I wanted!!! It came out better than I imagined--and it easily trumps H&M's :) Thank you so much, Jessica!

My last obsession is one that I honestly never expected I'd like. Tie-dye. I mean, I wore tie-dye as a little kid to go to amusement parks or swim meets...but as something actually stylish? Well, that changed this spring. With the addition of two Crash and Burn pieces to my wardrobe (the montana top and the psyche tulip top), I realized how well tie-dye goes with just about anything. Now, I have a tie-dye dress from Urban Outfitters and one on the way from Sugar Lips as well! Thanks to Crash and Burn, I am officially obsessed with tie-dye! :)

What are your fashion (or general) obsessions?

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  1. Rory, you look undeniably cool in this post. Maybe it's the aviators, maybe it's the tie-dye, or maybe it's those polka dot wedges. But altogether this outfit is just awesome!
    Haha, who knew tie-dye would make such a fashionable comeback?
    Love how you rocked this gorgeous blouse from Crash & Burn! It goes perfectly with that pale pink bodycon skirt <3
    My obsessions would be crazy, colorful shoes and statement jewelry.
    Wow, just realized I basically copied two of your obsessions...
    Fashion twins! ;)

    Trendy Teal

  2. That necklace is gorgeous :) I like your skirt too :)


  3. That skirt looks sooo good on you!! Wow. Okay I'm off to comment on the other post.

  4. Lovee your blog! Great look! :)

  5. Very nice post my dear :))

    come and see my new post on

    Have a nice week! :)

  6. What brand are the shoes? Super cute outfit!!

  7. Loving this look girl! That top and your wedges are great!


  8. Love your tie dye top Rory!!! It's such a beautiful piece! <3 :)


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