July 24, 2012

A Peek into the Netherlands

The third guest blogger to appear on Wear Abouts is Marloes from the Netherlands! One of the things I love the most about blogging is what a cultural experience it is! I get to 'meet' other teenagers around the world who enjoy the same things that I do, but who live in totally different ways (and places!). Marloes showcases her outfits and fashionable experiences on her blog, The Style Sandwich. She has a laidback style that she combats with sky-high heels. Hers was one of the first blogs I EVER found, and I am so glad I did! 

Hi everyone! While Rory is enjoying her soccer camp, I'm one of the bloggers who gets the opportunity to run her blog for a little while. Most of you probably don't know me yet, but I'm Marloes, an 18-year-old Dutch girl. I graduated High School, work at a restaurant 60 hours a week and I move to Paris in September. I'm also the owner and founder of The Style Sandwich: my fashion blog and biggest passion. I "met" Rory when we were colleagues at HSpieces Magazine and we've been blogger friends ever since. I started my blog 2 years ago and it has been keeping me busier than ever. Curious to see what I've been up to in the last week? 

Last Tuesday, I had a meeting at a PR agency in Amsterdam. I met up with some other lovely bloggers who have become some of my best friends and we spent an amazing day in the showroom. 

Look how pretty my new boots are!! They are a present from a Dutch online shop called Sacha and I received them during my day at the PR agency. I am in love. 

Time for Amsterdam Fashion Week. It was my third season of this major event and it was a lot of fun. I had to reject most of my invitations because of my job, but I had a great time at the other shows anyway. I visited the shows of Domenico Cioffi (1), Dorhout Mees (2) and had a frontrow seat at Gestuz (3 and 4).

The outfits I was wearing on the first day of Fashion Week and at the PR agency have also been published on my blog:

I hope you all enjoyed my little diary and I invite all of you to my blog: The Style Sandwich. Thank you Rory, for letting me take over your blog!! 

Thank you, Marloes! Don't forget to check out her blog!


  1. Super leuke blogpost! Ik kende Marloes al en volg haar blog elke dag, ze heeft echt een inspiratievolle stijl.

  2. This is such a cute post! I love her style!


  3. What fun! I love those fringe boots!!

    Just to let you know as well, I nominated you for a Liebster Award :) Check out the details on my blog :)


  4. Wonderful! I will check out her blog :D thanks rory ;D

  5. nice pictures,I also like your outfit :)


    fashion blog

  6. you look so beautiful! xx

    please check out my blog and follow . . .

  7. awesome boots!

  8. Thanks for the opportunity, Rory! I love how this guest-blogpost has turned out! :D xxx


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