July 13, 2012

Rollercoaster Ride

Top- Forever 21, Shorts- c/o TooSexyJeans, Shoes- Target, Bandeau- Aerie, Belt- Old Navy, Necklace- (giveaway) Romwe, Bracelets- gifted

I'm off to a night of fun at an amusement park! And this is the simple outfit I'm wearing. I don't recall ever posting twice in one day...so this is a little treat :). Anyways...back to amusement parks. Whenever I go, I go at night. It's so much better--less crowds, cooler temps, and more fun to ride the rides. I love when all of the rollercoasters light up at night! I used to be scared of roller coasters, but now I love them! I'm still a bit wary of the super tall ones with steep drops, but I love the ones that go upside down :) 
Do you like rides? Which kinds do you go on?

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  1. Going at night is definitely better! I love amusement parks too. but I've only been to maybe 2. I live in Oregon...we can talk about wineries and great cuisine...but no amusement parks. I love your outfit! Hope you have a fun time on the roller coaster:)

  2. Your necklace is gorgeous.


  3. I love your top and cute necklace!<3


  4. What!? An amusement park?? Girl, I am so jealous!! >_< Haha, I love love love roller coasters. I remember being deathly afraid of them but I conquered that fear and now can't get enough of them. Steep, looped ones, you name it, I want to try it now :D Haha, so have fun! And it looks like you definitely are according to your facebook ;)

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  5. Gosh, and right, then your outfit here, I forgot to mention how much I love it! xD
    Lol, that back of the top is so cool. Plus, the lace detailed denim shorts! So perfect. ♥

  6. amazing outfit!! loves it! :)


  7. Nice look your going for! Want to follow each other?


    Lisa Simone


  8. the lace details from your outfit are amazing! I love the top and the shorts, you look so chic!
    I love going to Disneyland and Disneyworld, their rides are so much fun!!

  9. Hi! Great outfit!! Love all about it!! Hope you visit my blog!!

  10. Beautiful! I love the peeks of lace :) You look really lovely x


  11. I must say I am really scared of roller coaster rides. Coming to the ooutfit I liked you top so much. The beauty of the top is accentuated by the lace work on its back. I see there is a small lace work near the pocket of the short. It looks really cute. I have a similar converse shoes from Office. But it is black in color and very comfortable to wear. I normally wear that to my office on casual wear days. You should have taken a close up shot of the bracelet as well. The pendant looks really chic.


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