August 31, 2012

Melon and Mint

Top- H&M | Skinny jeans- c/o Tractr Jeans | Shoes- Bandolino via TJMaxx | Blazer- TJ Maxx | Bracelets- Torn To Pieces, c/o Lobby, c/o Love Khloe Studio

So after seeing every other fashion blogger on the planet buy, wear, and look totally awesome in colored skinny jeans, I decided to test out the look for myself. While the color I picked is more springy than fall and wintery, that isn't going to stop me. These babies from Tractr fit me like a glove and (although you can't tell since they are rolled) they are actually LONG ENOUGH. For once I do not have to suffer in the name of fashion and wear flood pants! And they are MINT, which is one of my favorite clothing colors as of late. I have two mint tops, these jeans, and nail polish--all in the same creamy hue of mint. Now I just need some shoes. Well....need is probably the wrong word to use in such a situation...


  1. I have been meaning to try colored jeans too. But I still haven't made up my mind as to which color to try. Your mint skinny's look cute maybe Ill try a similar shade.

  2. My cousin and I have the same thing for mint right now. I love your blazer too.


  3. My cousin and I have the same thing for mint right now. I love your blazer too.


  4. Those jeans are AMAZING. Like, killer. I can't even take it! And white the melon shirt...ahh! Perfection! Thanks for some great inspiration! (And don't worry...I'm totally guilty of using the word "need" extremely out-of-place, too. XD)

    - Samantha

  5. amazing outfit,love it so much.


  6. I didn't like the blazer and the shoes together, but I loved the rest!


  7. Oh oh oh, you're too cuuuuute in this outfit!!~ those jeans are so perfect for you girl, seriously. The color is just so lovely and minty and they fit you to a T. They were made for you! WERK EM, RORY.

    And against the melon-y top? Perfect! The black and white blazer adds nice contrast, too. :)

  8. Beautiful combination of colors <3

  9. You look super cute in this outfit Rory!
    Good thing you decided to try colored jeans. You definitely rock them!

    I love that you paired the minty fresh jeans with that lovely coral top.
    This look reminds me of food (then again, what doesn't?) and is too yummy! :)
    With all the color in your outfit, I think you made the right choice to keep your accessories simple. the striped blazer tones things down while the heels add a touch of class and the hat makes things a little more fun.

    Great look as usual darling!
    I hope you have an awesome Labor Day weekend (and everyone else who sees this too)!! <3

    The Ace of Hearts

  10. such a pretty outfit Rory!! Im definitely loving your jeans! sooo pretty!

    xo, Carla

  11. I love how you've paired that striped blazer with the mint :) Striped blazers have such a lovely barber-shop influence that adds a cute little menswear flair to any outfit.

  12. this outfit definitely makes me think of watermelon mmm



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  14. I love the colored jeans, def a great trend this year - I love how they are coming out in every color! You are rocking them. That color pant + the striped blazer = perfection!!

  15. I love your style. Looking awesome in the mint jeans!Nice combination of colors.

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  16. Hahaha, that's awesome Rory! Way to stick with mint (I love that shade too, no matter the season). Glad they're long enough for you too ;)

    Trendy Teal

  17. So sweet, love it!
    I like your blog, follow you :) follow back?

  18. Lovely Outfit! Love the Combination of Colours ,you look fabulous :)
    i´m a new Follower

    kisses :)

  19. The colors were all amaazing! :)

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!


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