August 16, 2012

Be Bold

Jacket- TJMaxx, Dress- Forever 21, Shoes- Sole Society, Thin bracelets- c/o Love Khloe Studio, Thick/Chainlink bracelets- c/o Ginny's Jewels, Blue bracelets- gifted, Necklace- Romwe

Hey guys! So guess what... I've gotten two features in the last two days!!! 
*cue happy Rory*

The first one is over at Freckles Favourites. You can check out my feature, along with a Q&A, here. Thanks for the feature, Vicki!! :)

The second one is part of Tori's back to school feature on her blog, Fashion Trends & More. You can check out how some other high school bloggers, as well as myself, styled our ideal first day of school looks here! Thank you, Tori!

While I haven't picked my first day outfit yet (I still have a little over 2 weeks to go), this outfit is definitely on the list. I was actually wearing this dress when I was shopping and found this jacket! And my mom had to convince me to buy it. I'm sooo glad that she did! I told you yesterday that it goes with everything...and I wasn't kidding! I'm obsessed.
So, here are my first day of school tips for you guys:

Choosing my first day outfit has always been a ritual. I try endless pairings of tops, skirts, dresses, jackets, shoes, etc until I find the absolute perfect outfit. Some people may say, why dress up on the first day? Why even bother? Well, think of it this way. You haven't seen most of these people in a few months. It's like meeting someone all over again--and you have to make a good impression! Here are my go-to tips for a comfortable, chic, and unforgettable back to school outfit!

1. Highlight your best features. Maybe you're tan from the summer? Or you just got an awesome manicure? Or maybe you have great hair? Whatever it is, make sure it stands out. I'm much tanner than I was at the end of the school year, so this outfit was strategically picked to highlight that! White is a great color to show off a tan and make you look even tanner than you are. 
2. Make sure it's comfortable. You don't want a million things going on, even if it's cute. Layering is awesome and all for winter, but when it's still technically summer, you want to stay cool! Throw on a light jean jacket or cotton blazer over a dress. Don't wear pants, unless your school is air-conditioned (mine isn't...gross). You're going to be in the outfit from 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, so make sure that by lunchtime you're still feeling and looking great!
3. Be bold, but not over the top. Like I said, you don't want a million things going on--but not just because it's uncomfortable! You don't want to look like you tried to hard. Make your look effortless with stacked bracelets on one arm and a pretty necklace, but don't go crazy with every kind of jewelry you can imagine. 

Above all, make sure that you love what you're wearing! I feel my best in a pretty mini dress. This number scored on clearance at Forever 21 does the trick for me! I also love to show off my painted toes, so sandals rather than flats are my shoe of choice for the first day. Whatever yours may be, as long as you're confident you're sure to look great!


  1. i really like your bracelets and shoes! such a lovely blog! x

  2. I am agree with those 3 points, and you look so pretty. I have been following in chictopia for awhile, now I am your follower GFC, bloglovin, everywhere! hope you follow me back if you like!

    Nataya (Chachamisu)
    Naty Ponders Style Blog
    Chachamisu Photography Blog

  3. I love your stylish look!
    dress is so elegant!

  4. On my first day of school, I wore a polka dot skirt and a white shirt (:
    i love your outfits, rory <3 they are wonderful!

  5. Your tips are so good! I think I might stick with some shorts, ankle boots, and a bold top for my first sophomore day of college outfit <3 tehe. I especially love that you say you should highlight your features--sooo true! My hair gets more blonde in the summer and so it makes it easier to wear dark colors and not look super droopy and dark. Clever for you to wear that white jacket to look even more tan. ;)

    That dress looks so comfy. Seriously. I could just roll around in it all day. Okay, maybe not roll around in it, 'cause then it'd get dirty... but y'know what I mean. It'd be comfy to wear aaaaall day long. YEP good :D

  6. && eep omigosh awwwe!~ your comment was too kind! :') I don't think I'll ever start a photography blog, probably just keep postin' em on my main blog, but we can totally pretend you're my first follower anyway ;D

  7. These tips are very helpful Rory! I read that u gave your room a makeover? Can u pls give us a tour? I love watching room tours or seeing pictures of peoples rooms lol! (mostly what i do on youtube):- Pleaseeee? xO

  8. Hi Rory!!! Thank you so much for doing my Q&As and for mentioning it in your blog!!! I absolutely love this look! Your dress is super cute and you look utterly gorgeous! :) xxx

  9. Love that fun dress and the way you styled it! Congrats on the features! That's awesome!!

  10. Such a cute look Rory! Congrats on your features!! Loving your jacket and sandals!


  11. My sister has that dress and it's so adorable! I absolutely love it with your denim jacket...what a great score at TJMaxx ~ love that place! :)


  12. Getting lots of features, huh Rory? ;)
    Haha, you have some great tips! Totally agree with everything. Especially the "bold, but not over the top".
    Anyway, LOVE this dress from Forever 21! Its so cute - such a bold floral print.

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    Trendy Teal

  13. so so lovely floral dress!!! ur lookin so pretty n so cute=))) have a nice weekend=)) xx

  14. I LOVE your sandals!!!!

    GREAT look!!!!

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  15. Thanks for participating, Rory! I love your tips :)

  16. Lovely dress, I love your bracelets :)

    Rose xo

  17. Such a fun outfit! I looove your bracelets!

  18. This outfit it adorable Rory! :) I love the bracelets too, waaant! x

  19. I just love the print! Very bold and quite the eye-catcher!



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