August 05, 2012

Nobody Else in the World

Top- c/o Greats by Kate, Skirt- Old Navy, Boots- Target (old), Bandeau- Aerie, Necklace- giveaway on Cheyenne Meets Chanel, Sunglasses- Rebecca Minkoff (from the same giveaway), Bracelets- gifted + House of Kami

I'm on my DAY-cation! :) Can't wait to show you what I wear, if I do take pictures while I'm there! If not, you'll see it when I come home and put the stuff back on just for a photoshoot! 

What do you think of this top? Can you tell I'm totally into the "handmade" thing lately? I love t-shirts that are handmade because it just makes them so personal. It's nice knowing that nobody else in the world owns the exact same thing. That being said, you can get your own handmade shirt in this design HERE. Or, check out the other ones for sale at Greats by Kate!


  1. I love homemade items for exactly the same reason! Nobody else has it and it's totally unique. Which is why I also love DIY-ing :)
    Haha, and yes, it's a term! It is in my book at least.
    Anyway, that tee is so cute. Love the design in the front and the cuts in the back. Cool jewelry as always too!
    Enjoy your day-cation ;)

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  2. ooh that top is really awesome! the back is sick! love it :D

  3. cute outfit, love the top and shoes <3

  4. Gosh, you always have the cutest jewelry. I would looove the steal that necklace from you! And that top is seriously awesome... you're finding the neatest handmade things! It almost makes me want to try to make something similar to that (which I'm sure it wouldn't turn out nearly as awesome, haha!).

    Have fun on your day-cation! ;D

    && eep! I'm so very glad that you like my new layout!! I was wondering if it was too different, but so far you and Linda have given me positive feedback, so I'm very happy. :D :D thank ya muchly, lovely one!

  5. Your jewelry is definitely my favorite part about this outfit! I love how unique it is, and that necklace is awesome!


  6. I'd never think to wear a denim skirt like that but you are rocking it!

  7. I love the back of that top! :) Your blog is awesome-just became a member/follower of your blog. I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch. Happy Blogging!!! 

    Elle xoxo

  8. I really like the back design of the blouse. The color is nice too!

  9. Oh MY! The boots are FANTASTIC, and you look is great. I just found your blog and a new fan!

    Let's follow each other!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  10. Love ur outfit but the triangular pendant is awesome! I am ur 201st follower. :) is my blog and I invite u to visit it.. if u like it, do follow. I'd be real glad.


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