December 04, 2012

Prep to the No

Dress, Cardigan, Belt- Forever 21 | Tights- Hue | Boots- c/o Lulu*s | Necklace- c/o My Name Necklace | Bracelet- c/o ULINX

So my search for the perfect, short brown boots continues. I ordered a pair from Nordstrom but when I got them, they were too plasticky looking so I am going to return them. In the meantime, my search for the perfect short black boots has finished!!! WITH THESE AWESOME BOOTIES FROM LULU*S! Love the studding on the sides, definitely makes them original!! 
Also, what do you think of my monogrammed initials necklace? According to my brother, all the prepsters at his prep school wear them. So I guess this makes me (kind of) preppy? no? didn't think so. This look is definitely not preppy. :)
And stay tuned for a post with this bracelet from ULINX later in the week...I'll fill you ALL in about why it's so cool and unique!'ll have a chance to win one :)


  1. Love that color blue on you and the stripes! Great boots too!

  2. Rory, you need to stop having such cute outfits that I want to steal. SRSLY GURL those boots are so nice. You look so good in combat boots. SO GOOD. n___n I'm glad that you were able to find them and that you love them so much! Shoe love can be so incredible, ahhh <3

    And the bold stripes on that cozy-lookin' cardigan are just so very nice.

  3. that outfit has been put really well.. must say that blue looks amazing

  4. Beautiful cardigan looks so cozy.

  5. Love the cardigan!

    GIVEAWAY on my blog:


  6. I can't stop looking at your boots dear!


  7. Cute look Rory! Loving that cardi and your boots! Finding the perfect boots is so hard! I've been searching for some over-the-knee boots for ages! lol


  8. Pff, you are so not preppy. Haha, just look at those boots! So not preppy. I love the spikes sprinkled on them and how edgy they are <3

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