December 31, 2012

Through a Lens

Well, a lot of you have asked, and so I am answering! I'm going to start posting photography on Wear Abouts every so often--only about once a month or so, so if that's not your thing DON'T WORRY! Today, I'm showing you pictures I took of my friend Hannah that we took yesterday when she was at my house. I had two assignments for school that I needed to fulfill-- one being "all white" and the other being "rope or string". Kind of strange, but I LOVE the result of both! I have been loving photography lately and am excited to share with you what I've been working on. Which pictures are your favorite?
These were shot with my Nikon D40x which I use to take my outfit pictures.

PART 1: White Out

On Hannah:
Outfit 1: Dress c/o Ya Los Angeles
Outfit 2: H&M Shirt

PART 2: Rope/String

On Hannah:
Stylemint top, Gap jacket

PART 3: Not an assignment

On Hannah:
Forever 21 dress

The next part is shot by Hannah who is also a photographer! You can check out her work HERE.

On me:
Hannah's Dad's top, Urban Outfitters skirt

The photographers! We had to use the tripod to catch some snaps of the two of us! 
And yes, it was cold.

I'm wearing dress c/o Crash and Burn, Sperry boots, and Macy's necklace. Hannah's also decked out in my clothes (except for the boots).

Finally, I wanted to show you a photo that I made by collaging many different shots I'd taken on a photography app for the iPhone called Hipstamatic. This photo was accepted into the 2012 Drexel University High School Photography Exhibit! I'm SO excited about that :)

Well, hoped you liked seeing a glimpse into my photography! Also, guess what tomorrow is? Not only is it New Years Eve, but at midnight MY BLOG WILL TURN ONE! Get ready for some celebrating.


  1. Ahhhhhh, Rory, your photography skills are killing me! You're just amazing :D
    I love all of these gorgeous shots. Your friend Hannah is one lovely model as well. Haha, and the last photo of you two is just perfect xD

    Trendy Teal

  2. Loving you set of 'rope' images, especially the secound one with the cat's cradle, such a good idea! And happy birthday to your blog :D

  3. I kept seeing these pop up on te funky Facebooks, and I'm so glad you decided to post them! You're such an awesome photographer, Rory. These are just gorgeous. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of them in the future, yepyep! :))


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