January 30, 2013

Heart and ~Sol~

Dress- Anthropologie on lend from Lendperk | Coat- Delia*s | Glovesc/o Solfingers | Scarf- gifted | Belt- Gap | Hat- c/o Yak Apparel | Leggings- Kohl's | Socks- Lord and Taylor | Boots- Joe Fresh

When I saw this dress from Anthropologie I knew I would have fun styling it. I'd tried it on in the store about a year ago, and wanted to get it...except it was $150. SO HALLELUJAH FOR LENDPERK! You know those pieces that stick in your mind after you've tried them on and then not bought them? 
This was one of those pieces. Yeah, more than a year later, it was still on my mind.

I styled it in a young, hip way with pops of color and print mixing. These gloves went well with my scarf and belt. Gloves have been a necessity for me this year more than ever: now that I can drive, it means I can't sit on my hands all the way to school at 6:30 in the morning. I have bad circulation too (it's really weird...I read when you have long arms/legs your circulation to toes/fingers is bad?) so my fingers get cold and numb really fast. So whenever I drive to school I have to wear gloves or else I'll freeze! Anyways, these Solfingers gloves are pretty warm and also great for texting! I love that about fingerless gloves. But not texting while driving, of course (don't worry Mom).

Solfingers has full gloves, too! Fingers and everything! Check out all they've got here


  1. First thing noticed: fingerless gloves! Haha, I'm not very tall but I have the WORST circulation to my fingers and toes. Which is why winters suck. I swear, five minutes outside and they start going numb. I am definitely checking out Solfingers!
    And yes, those haunting pieces that you never forget...so glad you got to borrow the dress! You definitely styled it hip ;) Love the mix of colors.

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    Trendy Teal

  2. love all the colorful pieces! <3


  3. Love your outfit! The dress looks so nice with the coat!
    Katie xx

  4. Your scarf is lovely. Scarves are the most important part of my outfits :) Awesoem photos!

    Aree With Umbrella

  5. RORY I have the same problem with losing circulation in my feet and toes. I never heard it has anything to do with long arms and legs, but yeah, it totally happens. Do parts of your hands ever turn yellow they get cold, even when it's not thaaat cold? Just curious. :D

    Your scarf is so pretty, and I love how it matches your gloves! Stay warm, my sweet Rory dearlet n__n

  6. Cute! I love the title of this post too :)

  7. Cute


  8. I just saw another blogger yesterday with a dress from Lendperk. I'm loving the idea of that service! You styled the dress so cute - it looks great on you! I don't have bad circulation but gloves are a must for me in the mornings too. Usually because it's in the teens!

  9. Your scarf is lovely. So beautiful, I like you!


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