March 20, 2013

Shorts Season

Top- J. Crew | Shorts- c/o Lobby | Sweater- Forever 21 | Boots- c/o | Earrings- Forever 21 | Phone case- Lucky Brand Jeans

Happy First Day of Spring! Finally time to break out the shorts again. Although it's too chilly today to wear shorts, last weekend was nice and warm! :) And this weekend is supposed to be, too. 

Last night I saw Nice Work If You Can Get It on Broadway. It's the one with Matthew Broderick in it, although we didn't get to see him. His understudy was very good though! The play was very cute, and there was some great acting in it. I would highly recommend it! :)

Today, I'm college visiting! Let the fun begin...


  1. Eeeee, Rory! Those shorts are simply precious! Seriously, you always look so good in shorts. So cute, so cute. And your arrow necklace is so delicaaate!

    Have fun visiting colleges!! You should visit mine. ;)

  2. Those shorts are adorable! We welcomed spring with a temp of 6 degrees :(. It sadly won't be shorts season for quite a while here! Haha, but your shorts have me pining!

  3. I wish I could wear shorts!!! I'm jealous!!! It's freezing here! Love those shorts so much!! So cute!!! Good luck visiting colleges!

  4. Beautiful shorts, love the crochet overlayer!

  5. The crochet detail, lovely outfit x

  6. i love your outwear. nice

  7. LOVE these shorts!!! I've been dying to get a pair with crochet detailing and these are absolutely perfect! Visiting colleges is so exciting! It's so fun to check out different places and imagine yourself there. Good luck, excited for you!

    xo Ashley

  8. YAY SUMMER!!!



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