April 20, 2013

I Feel Old

Dress- c/o BeBop Clothing | Jacket- J. Crew | Sandalsc/o A'Muse Me Boutique | Necklace- Forever 21 | Earrings- gifted Kate Spade | Bracelets- c/o Torn To Pieces, c/o Starry Groove

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 at A'Muse Me Boutique!}

It is so nice out. About time! I love the warm weather, and wearing bare legs and sandals short sleeved dresses. The only downside is my legs are still all pasty and pale and my feet are even worse!! That's the main reason why I'm excited for summer--to get my color back! Not to mention having no homework, hanging out with my friends, sleeping in late, etc. Those are all important too of course. 

Now that prom's over it feels like the rest of the year is flying by. Less than three weeks til I take my AP tests, and two weeks from today I take my first of three SAT2s. And then once summer starts I'll be writing my college essay...and then it seems like before I know it I'll be off to college. How did I get this old!??!


  1. Haha, just you wait until you actually start. I'm excited for you Rory, you're going to be just fine :)
    Love these gold plated sandals, I just got something similar to them! Sooo jealous of the nice weather you're having - its been windy and snowing/raining here. Bleh. Ah well, summer will be here soon and I can't wait! Tanning, no homework, hanging by the lake...it can't get here soon enough!

    Trendy Teal

  2. You look lovely and ... young!!! :) Your sandals are amazing!

    See you in my blog, maybe.

  3. Looooving the sandals, Rory! And yes, time flies by indeed ;) Enjoy your last weeks in High School!!

  4. Time flies when you are having fun!!! Enjoy every minute of it!! Love that dress!! I felt the same way when I wore a dress for my friend's bridal shower the other weekend. My legs so pale they hadn't seen the light of day in months!! Haha

  5. I love your shoes! Great outfit. As for feeling old, well I'm in the same boat. But maybe it's not all that bad haha

    Quirk and Swirl

  6. love the dress, pretty


  7. Enjoy every bit of it- and soak it all in!!

    Love those bracelets!!

  8. This is a great look - it so much embodies summer!



  9. Rory, this look is so pretty and screams summer! That dress is gorgeous!

    You cannot feel old, because if you feel old I am absolutely ancient:)

    xo Ashley

  10. So you can imagine what it feels like then to be in grad school! How did this happen?? I freak out a little when I realize that the youngest undergrads in my school were born in 1995. Whoa. Lol.

    Love this cute spring dress with the jean jacket over it. And those sandals are so much fun! They're exactly what I might picture a wealthy Ancient Roman wearing. Very cool. :)

    Good luck on your AP tests and on the SAT!!



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