May 11, 2013

Photography Update

Since I haven't had the chance to take any new outfit photos, here are some of my favorite pictures I've taken over the past few months. A lot of them, you can find in my 365 project HERE as well!

Which picture is your favorite?


  1. Fun! I like the top photo especially

  2. Okay, there's no way I can pick a favorite, seeing as how that'd be the majority of them. I love the first one, the ones where you did black and white to enhance the picture's effect, and wow, nice use of lines in that hallway shot with your bro at the end. It just draws a person into the photo with no way out. I love these Rory! You are just so talented :)

    Trendy Teal

  3. I've seen lots of these and I love so many of them! I seriously love the line widths in the one with the hands--and the light works with that so well. And then that first one has such a cool feel with the purples and blues. Rory, your photography is so rad!!

  4. These photos are great! The 4th is my favorite, so beautiful!
    x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips

  5. whyyyyy are you sooooo inspiring i still can't photograph amazing pics like you can

  6. Wow! These are amazing! I can't pick a favorite!

  7. I love that second one and the one with the hand/blinds! Very nice.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  8. The distorted night lights picture is my favorite! Very cool stuff. :)

    -Nathy @ Earnestyle

  9. Really inspiring pictures! I really like the 7th one!

    Sending you loads of love ♥♥♥
    See you over at BACKTOFIVE !


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