September 11, 2013

Made in America

Top- Marshall's | Shorts- c/o Too Sexy Store | Shoes- Converse | Bandeau- Victoria's Secret Pink | Hat- my dad's 

This post is well overdue but better late than never right? This is what I wore to the Budweiser Made in America Festival on Labor Day Weekend. It was my first "real" concert since I don't count Bruce Springsteen last Labor Day (I don't like his music and I was with my whole family), and Hilary Duff when I was 8 and don't remember at all.

This one, though, I went to with my friends, plus their was music that I actually enjoyed. Some favorites: Beyoncé, Rudimental, Imagine Dragons, Phoenix, Empire of the Sun, and more. It was awesome--hopefully I'll get to go again next year!

What's the best concert you've ever been to?

p.s. exactly one month til I turn 18!!!!!!!


  1. I haven't officially been to a concert I'd be proud to say I've gone to...haha
    This one sounds awesome though, and I love what you wore. Its perfect with the casual baseball cap topping things off :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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