November 04, 2013

Don't Sweat It

Sweater- Marshall's | Skirt- c/o Too Sexy Store | Boots- Steve Madden | Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington

In a few weeks, my first trimester grades will come out and be sent to colleges. At this point, I've done everything else I can to be the best, well-rounded student that I can be. I enjoy my extracurriculars, I love my classes, and this blog, though I haven't had as much time as of late to devote to it as I'd like, means so much to me. 
I think that's what really makes you a good candidate at a college; I don't just do things "because they'll look good on my application". I'll admit, that's been a motivator before. But now that I've already applied to a few schools and all I can really do is wait, I realize that doing what you love is what really matters. Admissions officers can see through those kids with ten billion extracurriculars. I've heard this a million times in my life as a high schooler and I'm only now starting to understand it--and to all of you out there who are juniors, sophomores, even freshmen in high school--trust me when I say it: be yourself. Don't be someone you're not in your application. If I don't get into the schools I want to, I'm gonna keep my head up because I know that some school is going to want me for who I am and that I'll be happy at any of the wonderful schools I'm applying to. 
My motto for these next few weeks as I get my senior grades and then, merely weeks later, some college decisions: don't sweat it.


  1. I'm sure that you'll get into the school you want, and the outfit is way cool.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  2. I always love finding unique ways to style sweaters and this is so cute! Great Marshalls find :)



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