February 03, 2014

Snow in Boots

Top- Forever 21 | Jacket- c/o Free People | Jeans- American Eagle | Necklace- Forever 21 | Watch- c/o Daniel Wellington | Boots- kensie @ Macy's

I can't believe this is the first time these boots have appeared on my blog...but they have an interesting back story I'll share with you! So in December, my mom came home with these boots and I was all "WOW those are so nice!!" The only problem is that they were in her size, and we do not have the same size feet. 

All month long I watched my mom wear them nearly every day and with any outfit. Despite having probably 10 pairs of black boots already, I couldn't seem to match them with my outfits the same way my mom wore these boots.

Fast forward a few weeks to the beginning of January. I received a pair of boots for Christmas, but they were ones I didn't really like so we returned them. One afternoon, my mom came home and said "Rory, I have a surprise for you!" and voila, there were these boots, in my size this time!!!

I've worn them, in the month I've had them, probably 20 out of the 30 days. I've never worn a pair of shoes so much before. My only concern right now is finding a way to wear these once warmer months roll around....I'll find a way, just wait... :)

In another news, I've been so busy/lazy lately that I've resorted to online shopping. Something I never do! But with good shipping deals, or just super good prices anyway, I've found it can't be beat. Recently, I've been scoping out patterned leggings on Forever 21, the perfect-for-any-occasion dresses by the brand Garage (they also have some seriously cute skirts), and naturally, more boots, from Macy's. Also, TJ Maxx and Marshall's have online shopping now?!?!? SAY WHAT?!!? (My life just got infinitely better).


  1. Awwww your mom is so sweet. And the boots look nice on you too. You should wear them more often.
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  2. Cute boots! New shoes are always a great surprise. :)

    xoxo, Kenzie


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