April 08, 2012


Outfit Details:
Dress-Free People @ Lord and Taylor
Jacket-Macy's (old)
Heels-Kenneth Cole Reaction @Marshall's
Necklace- (giveaway) El Vintage

I'm stealing the name of my friend's Tumblr for this one, but it's just perfect for the vibe of this outfit. (Thanks Mary! :D)

As you can see, I'm finally suited up in the proper Spring attire! No more blacks, browns, grays. At least not today. I can't promise I'm done for the season! ;)

Anyways, there is something very exciting happening in my life right now! I have the tiniest closet ever. And that's only accentuated by the tons of clothes I've packed into it! Well, that tiny closet where I stored all 40 of my dresses, about 20 shirts, 10 jackets, and 15 skirts is getting a makeover! I'm beyond excited. What used to be my room is now being transformed into one huge closet all in itself!!! I'm moving into a smaller room in the house where basically I'll only have room for a bed and a bookshelf, and my entire room is going to have racks of my clothes, a dress form/mannequin thing, a couch (to sit and admire my clothes from of course), jewelry trays, and bins of tights/socks/scarves/etc. The best part is that the closet where I used to keep EVERYTHING is now going to be JUST for shoes! I have a closet....just for shoes...

I'm still a bit in shock. But good shock. I cannot WAIT to have a space where picking out my outfits and getting inspired is easier than ever! It's going to be purple, since that's the most dominant color in my wardrobe (black wouldn't look good on the walls... :P). We're also putting mirrors up on one of the walls so it will be a big giant mirror wall!! How sweet is that?? And to add a really personal touch, I'm getting a wall decal that will be the logo of the blog, "WEAR ABOUTS", big and bold and um, awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I'm excited? Yeah, I'm excited. I am EXCITED. AHHHH I'M SO EXCITEDDDD!!!

I'll post pictures up when it's all complete. But for now, here's a "pastellar" outfit to match the beautiful Spring weather!

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Pastels | Everybody, Everywear


  1. Very pretty!! And that's so exciting about your closet/room.

  2. super cute! love that dress! I can't wait for summer so I can wear dresses! :)

  3. LOVELY RORY!!! AND OMG THAT SOUNDS PURE AWESOME!! I seriously need more space but first I guess I should figure out how to better organize the space I already have :P. Maybe put my boatload of art materials downstairs? haha. purple is my favorite color and i hope you take lots of pictures or do a video tour. you look great here too, love your floral dress :)


  4. Love your pastel outfit! And WOW what an awesome room your walk in wardrobe will be! Can't wait to see pics! Very exciting :)


  5. I loove your dress*
    See my blog and maybe we can follow each other*
    xoxo, telmasofiia.blogspot.com

  6. This necklace is soo cool! You won it in a giveaway?? Lucky duck.

    It reminds me of DNA & the infinity symbol at the same time. I know I'd totally overwear it with everything.

    Beautiful, as always. :)


  7. Oh my word Rory, that's so EXCITING!!! Haha, you're making me rethink my living situation. An entire room devoted to your clothes/fashion/blog!? AHHH!! Haha, you have GOT to take pictures and show us when it's done. And a closet just for shoes. Every girls dream come true haha. I'm happy for you! :)
    Anyway, about the outfit...lol, love the soft pastel colors you're rocking! I'll admit I'm not used to you wearing these shades, but I love it. That dress is gorgeous, and paired with a white blazer its perfect for spring. You hat is so cute too <3

    Trendy Teal

  8. Oh yay, your closet makeover sounds absolutely amazing - lucky girl!! And this dress is so lovely - adore the little peek-a-boo detail + your styling of it. Hope your week is lovely. xo veronika

  9. nice floral dress)
    love your blog!

  10. You look so pretty, the dress is amazing ,perfect color for Spring.


  11. SOOO INCREDIBLY JEALOUS!! we are looking for a bigger flat so that i can finally have a room for my clothes and shoes. until then, i´ll just live through you!

    xx Mode Junkie

  12. Your dress is so pretty-what a lovely outfit!:)Xx

  13. Amazing outfit dear!

    I would like to invite you enter my Romwe giveaway: you can win a collar and 40$ freebies! ;)

  14. what a beautiful dress you have on there!! love the colors and pattern!

  15. love your shoes! xx


  16. That's pretty exciting. I would probably just twirl in that closet. :)


  17. Huge closet with a shoe closet inside? Jealous! And you MUST post pictures because I NEED to see the end results.

  18. The dress looks so lovely! That is just the kind that my sister would love to wear.

  19. Very pretty! I love the colors you're working with! Also, your hair looks lovely!

    xo, Abbey (District Dress Up)

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  21. That is SUCH a sweet dress! Love the details in the close-up. Pretty color, too!

  22. [...] day weekend, and that week I have finals! I cannot WAIT for summer. Also, I’m hoping to have my closet room mostly finished by then…I’ll be sure to post pictures as SOON as it is [...]

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  24. [...] hats blazers. With SUCH good prices, it’s amazing I’m not there all the time! Remember THIS post? Well, my room is actually getting painted this week. Yeah, a bit of a late start. I’ve [...]


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