April 11, 2012

Sixteen Candles

Outfit Details:
Bracelets-F21 Ring-my grandma's
Pumps-Ellie Tahari via Lord and Taylor

Exactly six months ago today, I turned sixteen. But turning "sixteen" wasn't what made this birthday so special. The best night of my life was the birthday party my parents through for me: all of my friends, most of my grade, my extended family, and more came to celebrate my sweet sixteen with me! But the craziest part (and the part that proves just how gullible I am!) is that it was a SURPRISE party.  Long story short, my parents told me I was going to a modelling gig...and I believed them! I got all gussied up in a party dress (yep, the one pictured here! These pictures were actually taken the day of my party, or "shoot" as I thought I was going to!). My mom put countless hours of hard work into making it the best night of my life...and boy did she succeed! When I walked into the giant ballroom, I was scared that I'd walked into someone else's party and I started to back up. Then it hit me--my birthday was two days away, and suddenly all of the little hints that I hadn't picked up on came rushing at me--including an exchange student slipping up the first week of school and flat out asking me if "that was my party" she'd gotten an invite for. I just couldn't believe that something so wonderful would happen to someone like me, so I didn't pick up on the subtle hints. And of course, seeing my best friend Hannah emerge from the sea of people gave it away. Can you believe my parents pulled off the surprise?? Six months later and I still remember every little detail and perfect moment from that night! Thank you for millionth time, Mom and Dad <3

Today is also special for another birthday-related reason. My beloved puppy, Ellie, is ONE YEAR OLD! I've had her for nearly 10 months now and her quirks and qualities have won a special place in my heart. The picture at the end is her in her younger days. Is she cute, or what?


  1. reading ur post took me to an imaginary world of "sweet 16" on mtv!! looking gorgeous babe :) x x


  2. What a great story! I wish my parents would do that for me.. Aw and your dog is so cute!

  3. aww that is so sweet .... a really sweet 16 indeed. glad u had a great time, and the dress looks amazing. i love the scallop details on top, its really special =)
    oh, and thank u for visiting my blog.

    cheers. Carla

  4. Wow! Sounds like a perfect bday party to me!!! Your parents are really great to have arranged it so well for you! You look so pretty by the way in your dress, really like it, the skirt seems so ethereal and goes so well with that scale top!

  5. Super CUTE dress my dear.


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    XOXO from MUNICH

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  6. You look really cute!!

    And I can't believe you're only 16! You look older!


  7. Love your dress! I cannot believe your parents pulled that off! So amazing! Such a cool surprise!

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  8. Wow, sounds like an amazing party alright! That's so awesome of your parents :)
    Haha, I'm so gullible at times too. Ah Rory, we are officially sistahs!
    Love the birthday dress, and girl, I'm so jealous of your long legs! Haha, way to show them off too. You looked glam.
    And your puppy is just too adorable. Haha, happy birthday Ellie!

    Trendy Teal

  9. Wow! It sounds like a dream party and that dress...its so gorgeous!!!!!!

  10. Aww! Sounds like you had the night of your life, gorgeous dress too! Happy Birthday to you and your puppy! Your puppy is SO cute (and so are you)!! I have come across your blog while messing around and I love it!! Your posts are so interesting to read!! I will be following you! Would you mind checking out my blog?? I would love it if you would.



  11. Happy B'day :D the dress is lovely, you look so gorgeous!!!

  12. Aaaawwww that last picture is so cute!! Sounds like a perfect sweet 16! x

  13. Happy Birthday to Ellie, I love your dress! xx

  14. i only see and hear about surprise parties in movies. so when that happens to you personally, i think it´s kinda surreal and AMAZING. i wish that i would experience that someday. my 18th birthday party was great but i think it would be even better if it was a surprise. LOL

    xx Mode Junkie

  15. Cute dress!
    love your blog!

  16. AHH I love this hat! This is such a great picture - candids are my favorite. I love seeing how the outfit functions in fun day-to-day activities.



  17. This is such a lovely post! You are such a beautiful girl with a beautiful blog! I am giving away $50 to ASOS and I would love for you to stop by and enter!

  18. Cute puppy, and lovely party dress! What a great surprise!


  19. wow rory, that is so amazing!!! you look stunning, i really love that dress on you!! and cute puppy shot, hahah i can tell you love her! :)


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  21. so beautiful!! amazing story!!

  22. Hi!
    Love the dress, it looks great on you.


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