August 02, 2012


Supernova T-Shirt- c/o Echoing Waters, Shorts- c/o Too Sexy Jeans, Blazer- TJMaxx, Necklace- (won in a giveaway) Holly Lauren, Shoes- (won in a giveaway) Sole Society, Belt- Ralph Lauren

It is grossly humid. Wearing hair down is not even an option. Luckily this blazer is cotton and light as air! Still one of my best purchases ever along with it's twin from TJMaxx. 

And here's a quick little story...
A few days ago, I was sitting on my doorstep outside taking off my cleats and socks after soccer practice so that I didn't spill all of those nasty little turf pellets inside my house. When I stood up, I turned around, opened the door....right into my head. I mean like I whammed it open and right into my head. It HURT! I bellowed "OW" of course. And then preceded to talk to myself out loud, "That HURT!" You do wacko things when you're hit in the head. I don't remember much else from that day...just kidding. But I mean if I was stupid enough to open the door on my own head I suppose I deserve it right? 

Anyways, my bandaids fell off. My arms feel kind of naked without those two cool matching little bandaids. 

Enough about medical problems...what do you think of my (super) simple styling of the insanely awesomely versatile Supernova shirt today? 


  1. I had to pin it! I love it with the blazer! sexy but serious haha (i just watched the other guys again, forgive my stupidity).

  2. this t-shirt is coool! and your necklace matches well! i foolow you . hope you upload the same cool looks!

  3. The T-shirt is awesome! Love it. I want one for me.

  4. Love that blazer and that you wore it with other prints :)

    xo Jennifer

  5. Super cool, i like it!

  6. What a great necklace to pair with the galaxy print shirt!

    Stop by!

  7. Hahaha! xD I love the little moment you shared with us. That is so something that's happened to me. I talk to myself a LOT actually, even when I'm not half dazed from slamming into a maybe you're not as crazy as you think...
    And I am just loving this tee so of your best sponsored pieces in my opinion! Its made for such a versatile top!

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  8. OMG i love this top so rad!

  9. This styling looks so good! I love the unexpected blazer, and props to you for even wearing a blazer when it's so humid out. I haven't worn my hair down in like a month (except to sleep, of course).

    The necklace works so well, too! It's so awesome and geometric. You've got hipster triangles AND hipster galaxy-ness going on, girl. ;) hahaha!

    && oh noooO! I'm sorry you bumped yourself, but it makes me glad that there are other people out there who do silly things like that. You're totally not crazy for talking out loud like that. I run into inanimate objects all the time and apologize. Makes me glad you're a real, normal person! ;D

  10. Ha ha, gosh, that sounds like something I would do (and in fact, I have!).

    Love your outfit, though, the galaxy print beneath the monotone blazer provides an unexpected brilliance to the simple character of the look.

  11. Love your outfit!!!
    And that happens to me also, if that makes it any better)

  12. I hate having my hair out during humid as well, especially since it's so long like yours! Loving this outfit, the top is so cute, looks great with the shorts! Now following!

  13. Great outfit, Love the lace in the shorts!


  14. awww no! i always bang my head and stuff like that, it's annoying!

  15. looking beautiful as always. and i'm drooling over your top.
    xx, micol


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