August 03, 2012


Supernova Top- c/o Echoing Waters, Skirt- Threadsence, Blazer- c/o Ruttish, Flats- Gap, Belt- Forever 21, Slave bracelet- c/o Captiv, Fedora- NYC Street Vendor, Necklace- c/o Adriana Soto, Rings- gifted, Bangles- Forever 21 + gifted

I'm going on vacation! For a night! WOOHOO! At this point, I'll take anything I can get...and a nice resort, beach and spa are all I need! We aren't going far--just down to a beach about an hour from our house. But I can't wait for some tasty meals, a luxurious room, and of course...dressing up all perty ;)

Maybe I'll be a good blogger and take outfit photos...or maybe I'll just wait and retake pictures of my outfits when I come home. :)

p.s. Check out the three other ways I styled this top: #1, #2, #3
Which way is your favorite?


  1. Dang girl, you sure are getting your money's worth out of that top! I love it though. You keep pairing it with such awesome items and making so many new & unique outfits with it~!

    Awe, have fun on your va-cay-cay! <3<3 You do whatever you want with your pictures on the trip. The fact taht you're thinking about even taking any outfit pictures is awesome because I would be a lazy poo and not do it. ;D

  2. Have fun on your night long vacation!! Oh and I hope you can fit a massage in there! They're my absolute favorite--there's nothing better. Loving your outfit. That hat is so cute.

    Oh--if you're looking for some beachy hair for the last month of summer, definitely check out my giveaway for some beach waves spray.

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!!


  3. Best top ever. You've worn it so many ways and I've been loving each one! This outfit really showcases your awesome jewelry collection with it :)
    Oooh, sounds like the perfect one-day vacaton ;) Haha, I'd take it too! I'm sure you can get away with a massage...especially after all your hard work, you could use one!

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  4. Hey there Rory!

    I definitely agree with what Ali said above me! You're getting your money's worth out of that shirt! :)
    Out of all the ways you styled it, I think this look is my favorite. I love all the different jewelry you piled on and the cute skirt and hat. I'm not really quite sure what this look would be called but it's adorable!

    Yay for a one day vacation! Hey vacation is vacation no matter how long it is! :)
    I hope you have tons of fun. Food, looking fancy, and a nice room...I think that's all you really need! :D
    Hopefully you get a chance to get a massage! I didn't know that it's illegal for minors to get massages. I'll have to keep that in mind....

    Have an awesome day and weekend!
    I can't wait to see what you wore on your mini vacation.

    The Ace of Hearts

  5. wow !love your outfit! thats a really nice shirt! (:

  6. Such a cute top and I love your jewellery



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