September 01, 2012

August Roundup

August, it's been real (I had my milestone "100th post" this month!). School, I'm ready for you...kind of. Two weeks from now, I'll be ready for summer again!
So, which outfit was your favorite? Click here to see which was my personal favorite! :)


  1. Rory! You wore so many cute outfits in August! You have the cutest's unreal! xx

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  2. August has been a very stylish month for you! You look great in every shot!
    xo, Elien
    Dogs & dresses | blog

  3. Love your style and I have to say that you have a great smile!!!

  4. you look gorgeous in all of the outfits!! i started school 2wks ago and the homework is just too much!:- have a great first day of school!

  5. Man Rory, one of your best months! Seriously, I scrolled through and just went "Oh yeah, I loved that one...and that one...oooh, and THAT one!" Haha, way to rock the galaxy print this past month :)

    Trendy Teal

  6. nice blog and you have great style

  7. oh oh oh lovely Rory, please don't make me pick my favorite from all these outfits!!~ I just like them all so much. This is a hard decision... but... but I'd have to say that my favorite isssss the coral dress with the black/white blazer and black/white heels! I just love anything with a super high amount of contrast, so I'd totally steal that outfit from ya. ;D

    and AAHHH the inevitable evil that is school. ;) back to haunt us again...!

    && AWE omigosh your comment was too sweet!!~ I am glad that you liked Mr. Cicada and the pictures of him! Your comments always make me feel so fuzzy inside, ehehe. :D <3

  8. These are beautiful outfits! I really like the 5th and 10th outfits. More beautiful outfits to come in September! :D

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  9. all your outfits are gorgeous, thanks for so many new ideas!

  10. I love your style, following your blog!

  11. LOVE!!! You look awesome and great style :)

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  12. Hi Rory! I love all the outfits! Thanks for featuring my bracelets this month. I wish you more success in your modeling career! :)

  13. Which outfit is my favorite? All of it! :D


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