September 28, 2012

8 pairs, 8 days, 8 ways // Day 8

Top- J. Crew | Shorts- American Eagle | Shoes- Gap | Jacket- American Rag @ Macy's | Caribou Black Sunglasses- c/o Giant Vintage | Bracelets- c/o Starry Groove, gifted | Necklace- Rice's Market 

I saved my favorite pair for last! These are the Caribou glasses in black, and they're $24. 
Tomorrow, I have an awesome sunglasses inspired post to put up! So make sure you check back to see that. It will include 17 ways to wear sunglasses!! Pretty exciting stuff.

Also exciting? Homecoming weekend! My school is lame in that we don't have a football team. But I guess that is a good thing since then soccer is the big homecoming sport! We're playing a really good team, so I'm looking forward to a good game. Wish me luck !

Finally, a shout out to Giant Vintage, for sending me EIGHT pairs of sunglasses to style here on the blog! The past eight posts have been some of my FAVORITE yet!



    haha, that was dramatic. It may be the end of your sunglasses, but it's never the end of the GREAT RORY!! Also, 17 ways to wear sunglasses? I'm extremely curious. I WILL AWAIT THIS SURELY-TO-BE-FABULOUS POST OF YOURS. Nnnnyes~~~

    I'mma diggin' these. Of course, by now I'm sure you know that I love round sunglasses (on the both of us ;)) so yeah. Those white shorts are also really cute. I wish I could pull off white shorts like youu!

  2. Haha, I'm sure you love reading Ali's comments as much as I do, don't you? xD She's totally right - it'll never be the end of the great Rory! Excited for tomorrow's post girl.
    And oooh, as soon as I saw those shorts I knew exactly where you got them. Haha, I tried those on myself and almost got them before I decided to get a nice pair of their jeans.

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  3. Cute look hon! I like your shorts.

    <3 Melissa

  4. Great outfit!! Love your sunglasses! I have the same shorts! :)

    XO J
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  5. I love this! Great shorts, love the color of the top and love, love, love that jacket!

  6. Wow i adore your outfit! it's so cute and simple! and you have such long legs! i'm jealous! haha

  7. Really great outfit! Love the shorts! And amazing accessories :)
    You have such a great blog, so I am definitely a new follower!

  8. un look ideal! el chaleco es precioso

    pásate por mi blog que tengo nuevo DICTIONARTY OF FASHION #3

  9. After seeing all 8 pairs of sunglasses on 8 days, I definitely have to say that this is one of my favorite of the outfits!
    There's just such a nice combination of elements. I can't get over how great it is!

    First off, let me start with that cargo jacket you're wearing. Cargo is like a "thing" for fall and I just cannot get enough of it! It looks great paired with a variety of outfits and textures since it's so basic and neutral. I like the way you paired your jacket here with such a girly outfit!
    Ahhhhh such cargo goodness! I must get myself some of that deliciousness.

    Then, there's your breezy blue tank top. The fabric looks so fancy and formal, which I love juxtaposed against the rugged coolness of the cargo jacket. That plus the blue is such a pretty dark shade and the cut is so fun and flirty.

    I like that you paired some bright white shorts with your jacket and tank top. The pale blue pattern on your shorts adds an unexpected detail while the blinding whiteness brings out your tank. And girl, look at those legs! They go on and on and onnnnnn. I'm a little teeny itsy bitsy jealous of your legs Rory! :)

    Last but not least, yay for these sunglasses! Something about the shape is modern but also classic at the same time, adding on to the overall awesomeness of the outfit. That keyhole-esque bridge! These may have to be one of my favorites out of the many pairs you wore!



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